A Small Step For Your Business, A Giant Leap For Your Brand.

Punch Branding Inc has partnered with a local entrepreneur, a bright young marketing graduate from the University of Moncton, Jonathan Keeley, to create a new local firm called VISIA. The idea behind it is to give the small and mid-sized businesses a fair chance on the global landscape. 

January 25, 2017.

Punch Branding Inc opens its first international studio in the City of Greater Moncton. Established in Dubai, UAE in 2006. Punch Branding INC brings ten years of global branding and design expertise to Moncton.

Let’s empower brand experiences.

Creativity is famously unpredictable. We may have our whole team working on a logo idea for a whole week. But after several research attempts, profound brainstorms, and ‘inspirational’ sessions, the idea will be hiding somewhere in an overheard conversation. And you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”

They define us, they drive us. To mark our 9th anniversary we revisit the 9 core values that Punch has always and will forever abide by. Each of these stem from basic principles that we believe in not only as professionals but also as human beings. And on close attention, you will see that they are present in every thing we do.

We are proud to announce that Punch is now a part of Johnson & Johnson’s global New Way of Marketing movement. This company-wide paradigm shift was initiated in November 2014, by their CMO, Alison Lewis. It aims to to move to a One-Idea model for its global mega brands.

Sit back, zoom out and get a stratospheric look at our society. In today’s world, there seems to be little untouched by branding. Even basic services and industries, like academia and healthcare prominently flaunt their logos and slogans.

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